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Electrolysis is the only FDA and AMA-approved method of permanent hair removal.

Understanding Electrolysis Hair Removal

Hair removal is a common routine in most people’s lives. We shave or wax our faces, legs, underarms, and other parts of our body in order to feel good and look good. But routine, temporary methods of hair removal are not ideal.

Over time, the cost of temporary hair removal solutions can be staggering and the amount of time an individual may spend removing hair is hardly convenient. Most temporary solutions also wear on our skin, causing irritation.

Electrolysis, the only FDA and AMA approved hair removal solution, has a long medical history (dating back to 1875), and has long proven to be a safe and effective method of permanent hair removal. A series of treatments will allow all hair in a given area to be treated at its appropriate phase of growth and be permanently removed. Because the process treats not only the visible hair but also the regenerative ability of the hair follicle, regrowth is prevented rather than simply having the existing visible hair temporarily removed .

During treatment, a fine, sterile probe  is inserted into the existing opening in the skin known as the hair follicle. A minute amount of current  is gently transmitted over a micro-fraction of a second to the base of the hair follicle, resulting in the active growth center of the follicle becoming permanently disabled.

Because of this unique process, electrolysis has the ability to treat all hair types.

The process of growth, rest, and replacement are known as the hair growth cycle. Hairs have differing cycles of growth, resulting in many hairs not being visible on the surface of the skin at the same time. The hair follicle produces the hair from a blood supply located in the base of the follicle, the hair then grows for a period of time, and is eventually discarded at the end of the growth cycle  through shedding. Since individual hairs are in different phases of the growth cycle at any given time, multiple electrolysis treatments are required to treat each hair as it  becomes visible above the surface of the skin until all unwanted hair has been treated.

The number of treatments necessary varies with each client. The amount of hair, previous methods used to temporarily remove hair before electrolysis , genetics, hormones, nutrition and health of the individual will all be factors that determine how many treatments or sessions will be required.

Based on a personal and confidential consultation, Brenda will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific hair removal needs.

Electrolysis for Women

Many women use temporary hair removal solutions to hide unwanted hair, but electrolysis can permanently remove hair from many parts of your face and body. It is common for women to receive electrolysis treatments on their eyebrows, upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, and even more sensitive areas such as the breasts and bikini line.

Electrolysis for Men

Electrolysis is the ideal solution for men with excessive unwanted hair. It is common to receive treatments on the back, around the ears, or on the back and shoulders. Receiving treatment on the cheeks, the back of the neck, the eyebrows, and other frequently groomed areas can also be highly convenient for men.  

Electrolysis for Coarse, Curly, or Wavy Hair

For those with coarse, curly, or wavy hair, electrolysis is the ideal permanent hair removal solution. Electrolysis treatments utilize any of three modalities (or methods) based on an individual’s hair, and because it is not dependent on skin tone or hair color, it is effective on all hair types.

Electrolysis for Dark Skin

For those with darker skin tones, electrolysis is the ideal permanent hair removal solution. Unlike alternatives such as laser hair removal, electrolysis is safe and effective for all skin tones and hair types because it treats hair at its source, deep within the hair follicle. Electrolysis does not require a difference between the color of the hair and the color of your skin to be effective. No matter what color of skin and hair you have, electrolysis works.

Electrolysis for Hormonal Changes/PCOS

Hair growth is largely affected by hormones. As women experience hormonal changes, it is common to experience a change in hair growth patterns. This can occur during puberty, menopause, pregnancy, or as the result Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). If you are experiencing an increase in unwanted hair growth, electrolysis is the only FDA and AMA-approved permanent hair removal solution.

Electrolysis for Athletes

For many athletes, frequent and widespread hair removal is a necessity. In some cases, removing hair can also relieve chafing that occurs during certain sports. For some, it may also enhance athletic performance. For these reasons, electrolysis is an excellent option for athletes who would like to permanently remove unwanted hair.

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