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“Experience the benefits of a face and body that are free of unwanted hair.”

That is the mission behind Body Benefits Electrolysis. It is also why we choose to perform electrolysis to treat unwanted hair. Electrolysis consists of three modalities: Electrolysis (DC current), Thermolysis (AC current), and The Blend (both). Brenda will work with you to determine the best method suited for your hair type.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solution, and when practiced by a licensed professional, it is the safest solution for your skin. Brenda Maki is a licensed and board certified electrologist, and is the owner/operator of Body Benefits Electrolysis.

Brenda Maki: Owner & Operator


Brenda Maki first learned about electrolysis while seeking a safe, permanent hair removal solution. The more she learned about the process, the more confident she felt about receiving treatment herself. After experiencing the benefits of permanent hair removal, Brenda decided to pursue her state and national licensure in electrolysis. Her education opened her eyes to the many ways electrolysis can improve the lives of others.

Before owning and operating Body Benefits Electrolysis, Brenda owned an aggregate construction company and worked as a research engineer designing medical devices. She also led professional staff within two multi-national corporations, Procter & Gamble and Schneider USA/Pfizer. It was her passion for learning, invention, and service that inspired her to open her own electrolysis studio.

Brenda is a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE), a national licensure; is licensed and board certified in Wisconsin (as Minnesota is non-licensure state); and actively participates in continuing education. Along with owning her own business, Brenda is an active member of her church council and the City of Biwabik (youth) Recreation Board.

“After overseeing so many different kinds of services, you begin to feel compelled to provide service for others.”